I have an amazing service for successful coaches, consultants and industry experts, who are making $200K - $1M in sales per year - with healthy profit margins - and want to protect the success they’ve achieved online.

I'm a WordPress expert who will closely look after the website that you're using to generate leads, make sales, and deliver your programs - so that it rarely goes down (or if it does, the outage is minimal - well under 1 day), and so everything on your site(s) consistently functions as planned and looks just like you want it to.

If you’ve been running your business for a while; you’ll know just what a massive interruption it is to your entire world when your site breaks or goes offline - for even the shortest time.

This is an ongoing service that continues for as long as you want your website protected. I handle the following things for you:

[1] --- DAILY OFF-SITE BACKUPS. This is the fastest path to a working website in case anything ever goes wrong because I can quickly roll back to a recent version of your site and get it back up and running again in just hours, rather than days. I store your backups off-site, away from your current hosting account, so they’re safe even if your hosting company closes their doors, or you forget to pay a bill. I use Amazon cloud servers because they give me the ability to keep multiple copies of your backup in different parts of the world so it's almost impossible that it would ever be totally lost.

I keep 90 days worth of backups so that we have the flexibility to choose the backup we use, ideally the one taken after you last made any big changes to your website so you don't lose your hard work (or as little of it as possible).

[2] --- DAILY SOFTWARE AND SECURITY UPDATES to make sure your website functions properly and has no "open holes" in its code that could allow hackers to break in. I do this by installing any available WordPress software updates, and your sites’ plugins, and themes. I then visit the most important and mission-critical pages of your site to make sure they still look and work as they did before (as updates can sometimes cause unintended consequences).

[3] --- SECURITY MONITORING AND MALWARE CLEAN UP. I’ll set up systems on your site that let me know if someone is trying to break in, and instantly block their access to your site before they do any damage. On the very rare occasion that someone does break in (which is always a risk as long as you have a website online), I'll clean up any messes that they leave behind; and keep your reputation with your visitors, clients and search engines intact.

[4] --- TRANSPARENT REPORTING on the work I'm doing. At any time, you can check a plugin that I'll install in your WordPress dashboard, and see exactly when I last took a backup, installed an update, or ran a security scan of your site.

In order to qualify for this service, you must...

[1] Be selling your knowledge and expertise online --- via 1:1 coaching or group programs; with seasonal launches or evergreen campaigns.

[2] Have marketing, lead generation, sales and service delivery systems in place that are working for you --- automated using software, delegated to your in-house team; or outsourced to other specialists and experts. 

The price for this service is a respectable high four-figure investment per website per year; paid monthly, but is small compared to the potential sales you could miss out on if your site was offline; broken; for just one day. 

If interested in this service, just shoot me a PM and we'll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you.